China’s Factory Activity Expands at Fastest Rate, Study Finds

China’s Factory Activity Expands at Fastest Rate, Study Finds

In November, China’s factory activity has surprisingly widened at the fastest pace in around three years. According to a private business survey, there is a substantial rise in production and new orders. Reportedly, the Caixin/Markit manufacturing PMI (Purchasing Managers’ Index) entered 51.8. Both IHS Markit and Caixin said it is the most considerable speed of development since December 2016. In the current year, they had reported 51.7 in OcRead More


researchers are optimistic about ongoing trials of hiv vaccine, might launch it by 2021

Researchers Are Optimistic About Ongoing Trials Of HIV Vaccine, Might Launch It by 2021

Scientists are quite hopeful regarding the three ongoing HIV vaccine trials across the globe. It is expected to make crucial advances as the trials begin to enter the final stage of the experiment at different locations across the world. Three ongoing HIV trials are known as HVTN 702, Imbokodo, and Read More

chinese farmer cuts his finger after venomous snake bite, and doctors say it was not necessary

Chinese Farmer Cuts His Finger After Venomous Snake Bite, and Doctors Say It Was Not Necessary

When a venomous snake bites a farmer in China, he chopped his finger thinking that is the only solution for life save before going to the nearest hospital.  According to the doctor who treated that farmer once he arrived, he did not have concerned with the chop. As per the report of South China, itRead More