burger king to test three new plant-based burgers in 180 locations in the us

Burger King To Test Three New Plant-Based Burgers In 180 Locations In The US

Fast Food chain Burger King has planned to bring three new plant-based burgers in the kids’ menu. Plant-based burgers are the substitutes of meat products. After the plant-based items have increased the sales of the company by 5 percent in the last quarter, the fast-food chain is quite eager to roll out more options in the meatless Burger menu. Burger King is going to test three new impossible-based menu items at 180 locations including Augusta, Read More


chinese farmer cuts his finger after venomous snake bite, and doctors say it was not necessary

Chinese Farmer Cuts His Finger After Venomous Snake Bite, and Doctors Say It Was Not Necessary

When a venomous snake bites a farmer in China, he chopped his finger thinking that is the only solution for life save before going to the nearest hospital.  According to the doctor who treated that farmer once he arrived, he did not have concerned with the chop. As per the report of South China, itRead More

test drugs and vaccines in a war zone for ebola virus

Test Drugs and Vaccines in a War Zone for Ebola Virus

Disturbed clinical trials due to conflicts in the DRC has forced scientists to change the way of immunizing people. More than 500 participants enrolled from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. For an innovative study of experimental drugs as a response to the ongoing outbreak in the area. An ongoiRead More