for supply of non-sensitive goods to huawei, the us to issue licenses

For supply of non-sensitive goods to Huawei, the US to issue licenses

According to reports, the US will issue licenses to permitting some of the US corporations to supply non-sensitive items to Huawei as great level officials from two countries to meet this week to the restart trade talks.  Huawei Technologies was one of the world’s telecoms gear manufacturers on the US trade blacklist from May when trade talks among Beijing and Washington broke down. The US states that the company can spy on consumers, which HuRead More


intake of paracetamol during pregnancy may cause behavioral disease in a child

Intake of paracetamol during pregnancy may cause behavioral disease in a child

Paracetamol is the most general painkiller drug, and it is the only drug that is considered safe to take during pregnancy. However, a growing group of research scientists suggests that paracetamol could damage the development of the infant in the womb, with result linking it with autism, asthma, andRead More

us doctors hope to start fluid transplants for treating bacterial infections in vagina

US Doctors Hope to Start Fluid Transplants for Treating Bacterial Infections in Vagina

Maintaining hygiene is a good practice, even in case of intimate hygiene. Many times despite maintaining cleanliness, woman face severe infections. Now doctors are trying to find new ways which would assist women in maintaining intimate health. Reportedly, scientists at Johns Hopkins University, MarRead More