There is 70 Percent Chance that Elon Musk Will Go to Mars

The planet Mars may not be an ideal place where an individual would like to spend his or her life. Still, this fact is not enough to prevent the founder of SpaceX and co-founder of Tesla, Elon Musk from making the trip to the red planet. On Sunday night, Musk said on news website’s half an hour HBO TV series Axios that the first flight to Mars will most probably take off in the next seven years. Now, the prediction made by Elon Musk suggests a much faster trip to Mars than the timeline of 25 years, which has been set by NASA. Elon Musk has even suggested that there is 70 percent possibility of his taking the flight to Mars.

The travelers of Mars will have a much greater probability of dying on the Red Planet than on Earth. Musk further went on to say that people might have a successful landing out there but after that, each person has to work nonstop for building up the base. There will be very less time available for indulging in leisure activities. The environment is going to be quite harsh. He also talked about the hindrances that Tesla faced in the year gone by, where the car company almost faced a death threat due to their inability to increase the level of production of the Model 3 cars. The company was spending money like anything and if they didn’t manage to solve these kinds of problems soon, they would die.

The recent months have seen Musk dealing with added controversy. He agreed to give up his position as the Chairman of Tesla for at three years along with paying up a fine of $20 million after the SEC had accused him to securities fraud. It was the result of SEC’s allegation against Musk that he had given out an absolutely false and misleading statement through his tweet over having enough funds for turning Tesla private. Most of the segment in Axios had its focus on the debate over artificial intelligence. Musk has always voiced his opinion on the concerns regarding the development of Artificial Intelligence without the right kind of consideration and oversight.

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