Overdose of Fentanyl is Resulting in Record Number of Deaths in St Louis

America’s epidemic of opioid is more than 10 years old. Now, the worst ever threat from opioid has made a rapid shift. Synthetic fentanyl is a very high potential painkiller. It is currently involved in almost all the deaths due to the drug overdose in the St Louis region. The deaths caused due to an overdose of opioid in Madison County have reached the total figure of 92. The coroner of the county, Stephen Nonn said that Fentanyl is the drug, which is resulting in people‚Äôs death out here. Five years back, heroin happened to be the most common menace in overdoses. Currently, those users of heroin are overdosing themselves on drugs that are cross-contaminated with the presence of fentanyl in it.

St Louis City and Country are also on track to set a record for deaths due to overdose this year. This would follow record number of, 760 deaths due to opioid in the St Louis region back in the year 2017. The total amount of deaths in city and country for this year will be available next year after the final reports on toxicology and investigation. Last year, overdoses of drug killed a record number of 72,000 Americans. In almost half of the cases, Fentanyl was identified, which marked off a huge rise from 2012, when the opioid drug was linked in 6 percent of 41,000 drug fatalities.

Prescription fentanyl has been used for quite some time under strict control in hospitals for anesthesia and extreme pain management. Fentanyl usually comes from labs in Mexico or China and gets shipped into the country through the mail. Brandon Costerison of the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse said that there is no longer any pure heroin in St Louis. He said that it cannot be confirmed if people are intentionally aware that it is impure or if there is an absence of quality control on dealers, who are making the stimulants contaminated with a highly potent opioid. There is an antidote for opioid, Narcan, which can reverse the side-effects of an overdose but still, it is not that useful against fentanyl. Experts suggest that the crisis has reached such a level that it requires the need for heroin users to seek for drug treatment.

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