Scientists have Been Nominated to Feature on New Note of Fifty Pound

The Bank of England has released a list of scientists who have got nominated to feature on the new note of £50. The list contains the pioneers of the computer, Alan Turing and Ada Lovelace, to go with the inventor of the telephone, Graham Bell and Patrick Moore, the astronomer. The Bank had received a total number of 174,112 nominations. Out of these, 114,000 managed to fulfill the eligibility criteria. To feature on the list, an individual must not be alive, real and should have made a contribution to the field of science in the United Kingdom. The list contains in excess of 600 men and around 200 women.

Some of the highly eminent personalities belong in the list. This includes black holes expert Stephen Hawking, discoverer of penicillin Alexander Fleming and John Snow, who is regarded as the father of modern epidemiology. Then there is Gerald Durrell, the naturalist and zookeeper, Mary Anning, the pioneer of fossil and Mary Seacole, who is the British-Jamaican businesswoman. Then there is Margaret Thatcher, who is a pioneer in the field of nursing and a scientist. Later on, she even went on to become the Prime Minister of England. The list also includes Baroness Thatcher, who completed her graduation with Chemistry from Oxford University. Then, after that, she joined British Xylonite Plastics in the year 1947. Two years hence, she went over to join J Lyons and Co in Hammersmith. There, she worked as a food research chemist. Her role out there involved quality tasting of ice-creams and cake-fillings. She gets the credit for having invented the soft serve ice cream, which was a product of Lyons.

Now there are certain favorites who are likely to make the cut. Bookmakers William Hill has Stephen Hawking as the current favorite with odds of 7/4. The physicist is followed by a Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry, Dorothy Hodgkin, having odds of 4/1. Other than these two individuals, Ada Lovelace, Alexander Fleming and Alan Turing have odds of 5/1. Rosalind Franklin’s odds stand at 6/1, who has made really important contributions to one, understands of DNA. There will be other names as well, which would be considered till the close of nominations on 14th December. Henceforth, the Banknote Character Advisory Committee for the Bank of England would take the final decision.

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