Fine of 385000 Pounds Imposed on Uber for Losing Data of Customers in UK

There was data breach during the year 2016, which led Uber to pay a hefty settlement fee in the United States. They have been fined an amount of £385,000 for allowing hackers to steal information of 2.7 million customers staying in the United Kingdom. The attack back in the year 2016 saw that complete details related to the customers’ names, addresses and phone numbers had gone missing. The company was also slapped with a fine of €600,000 by the regulators of data in Holland. It was related to the same kind of breach. The data breach over there adversely affected 174,000 Dutch customers.

The Director of Investigations at the Information Commissioner’s Office, Steve Eckersley came up with a statement. He said that this was an extremely serious fault of data security on the part of Uber. Moreover, there was also a total disregard for all those customers and drivers, who had their personal information stolen. He noted that Uber did not do anything either to caution people that their data was downloaded or in providing support to all those affected individuals. The Director further said that the data leak of those customers was left with an increased risk of getting exposed to fraud.

The personal details on 2.7 million customers were part of a huge chunk of information on 57 million customers. The data of all those were gathered by the group of hackers back in the months of October and November two years ago. For destroying the data that they had taken, Uber paid an amount of $100,000 to the attackers. Steve Eckersley did not feel that such response was a prudent one from Uber’s point of view. He said that Uber, first of all, paid the hackers for destroying the stolen information. After that, they did not say anything more on the issue. Hence, it was not at an appropriate way to respond to this kind of a cyber-attack. Uber said that they have currently employed a Chief Privacy Officer along with a head of Data Protection to oversee all the operations. Along with this, they have brought forth quite a few technical improvements to the security of their systems. In the United States, Uber had paid an amount of $148m for settling the federal charges against the 2016 breach.

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