Sony is in the Process of Developing a Brand New Game Cartridge

The PlayStation Vita of Sony did not lead to the kind of success, which the company was expecting. They had made the claims back in the year 2015, saying that they would not come up with a sequel. Still, early this year, Sony announced that they were not willing to give up on portable gaming. Hence, a fresh patent has revealed what exactly Sony may have in store for their next attempt towards a handheld console.

Techtastic came up with the news of what exactly could the Japanese Corporation have in store for everyone. They say that the patent, which has been filed in South Korea, provides a hint towards an electronic game cartridge. No other details were revealed. Still, the design tends to suggest that there could be a connection right at the bottom of the device. One could make use of this in order to carry out communications with a console. Quite certainly, this will be done in order to keep up with the comments of John Kodera, made back in the month of May. John Kodera is a member of the gaming section. He noted that it is important to note to keep portable gaming totally separate from consoles. Rather, he believes that it is important to keep in mind that portable gaming is one single method. It has the ability to deliver an increasing number of gaming experiences.

Now, it is very much possible that patent might well be related to an upcoming PlayStation console in future. There is also a chance that the patent may not lead to anything. Sony had filed a patent last year for a device, which looked similar to the Nintendo Switch. Nothing much has come out of that, which suggests that not each and every patent ultimately go on to become products. Still, one thing is quite clear that Samsung is into something. It remains to be seen what exactly they are working on.

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