Recent Reports from Intel Remind Us of Its Competitive Strengths

Going by the recent announcements from Intel, all those products, which rely on their next-generation manufacturing process, will surely pack a punch. This will happen only when the products actually arrive. The company’s 2018 Architecture Day was held on Tuesday. They unveiled Sunny Cove. It is a CPU core architecture that will get used by chips, which rely on the manufacturing process node of Intel 10-nanometer. Sunny Cove makes a promise for more instructions per clock, carrying the ability to perform many operations in parallel as well as larger memory caches per core. It also features new instructions, which yield better performance for workloads related to cryptography, compression and machine learning.

The company also unveiled a 3D chip-packaging technology known as Foveros. Foveros helps more than one logic chip to get stacked up one after another, rather than keep them side by side. According to Intel, this particular approach saves a lot of space to go with the flexibility to use up different processes of manufacturing for the stacked up logic chips. The first product of Foveros that has a combination of a small 10nm CPU along with a memory chip package as well as a base die featuring complementary logic circuitry is due in the 2nd half of next year. They have even announced Gen11, which is a next-gen architecture for the integrated GPUs that managed to ship Intel PC CPUs. It is expected that the Gen11 GPUs will deliver a lot better than Gen9 GPUs from Intel.

The Architecture Day announcements clearly show that there is a lot more to this fight than just the processes with regard to manufacturing. There is big research and development budget of Intel, to go with the improved execution of chip engineering that the company has shown in recent years. The budget is helping to push this particular envelope in areas like CPU core design, technology related to packaging and development of the instruction set. This particular R&D budget has even helped the company to develop complementary products like next-gen memory of Octane and the server interconnect fabric of Omni-Path. The investors must be pleased that in certain respects, the execution of Intel looks to be quite good as of now.

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