Apple planning to change iPhone in China, an attempt to avoid a sales ban

Apple Inc. has said that it is planning to incorporate two major changes in its iPhone’s software to avoid a sales ban in China. The move comes as a step to save Apple from a patent-infringement sales ban. The provider of software, Qualcomm has already informed Apple to hold sales of affected iPhones in China.

Apple has been asked to stop sales of affected iPhone and ongoing offers. Further, it is to prove compliance in court on the import of such devices. Qualcomm has requested Fuzhou Intermediate People’s Court to keep the order on the sale of iPhones go on. The court has earlier ruled a decision in favor of Qualcomm against the affected iPhones.

Apple has made a formal request to the legal authorities in China to reconsider the ban on the sale of iPhone. Apple fears of losing millions of dollars each day owing to the enforcement of the ban. China is a strong market for Apple iPhones and the company made a whopping $13.3 billion on iPhone sales during the first quarter of 2018. The company is also made a statement claiming to remove the affected software feature from iPhones. This would be done by next week and in compliance policy with Qualcomm. Some of these infringed features include app switching and touch receptive image resize feature.

Last week, Qualcomm made a statement regarding the whole issue. The company said that it had won a decision against Apple in China related to patent infringement. As a result of a ruling in favor of Qualcomm, Apple was forced to immediately stop sales of iPhones in China. However, the details of the matter revealed that this decision by Chinese authorities applied only to iPhones running iOS 11. As a result of this, Qualcomm had to file a new suit to halt the sale of new iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR.

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