Facebook Bug Exposes Millions Of Private Photos Of Users To Developers

Once again, our favorite social media site- Facebook has leaked its data. A bug on Facebook has exposed millions of private photos to its developers. In this bug, thousands of third-party applications could access the photos of Facebook’s users, which were not permitted to be seen. Up to 5.6 million users were affected due to this. Their facebook stories and even the photos that they did not share on Facebook were exposed.

The worst thing was that Facebook required 12 days to close this bug from September 13 to September 25. As an apology, facebook just said they are sorry this happened. The company may inform people it suspects that they may be impacted by this bug through a Facebook Notification. This notification will then direct them to help center, where they can get to know about the apps that were impacted by the bug. The users are recommended to log into the apps to know if those apps had photo access. The company said that this bug affected those users who logged in to Facebook and granted permissions themselves to the third parties to access their photos.

Initially, Facebook did not disclose about the bug. They said they needed some time to know which users and apps were impacted. If the Facebook delayed more than 72 hours to notify this, they could have been charged up to either 4 % of their annual global revenue or 20 million pounds as GDPR fines.

2018 was surely a bad year for Facebook. The Cambridge Analytica Scandal and now this bug are the issues that are affecting people’s trust, resulting in people deleting Facebook. Also, there are other issues like spreading of fake news, campaigns to influence the elections and an irresponsible attitude to the data and privacy of the users.

We hope that in 2019 Facebook will take measures and gain the trust of its users. Such behaviors of handling sensitive data carelessly cannot be acceptable. Or else people will quit using it sooner or later.

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