Doctors Cannot Explain How the Inoperable Brain Tumor Could Go Away

The inoperable brain tumor of a girl has gone away. What’s more surprising is the fact that doctors do not have any explanation for this matter. Now the girl, Roxli Doss is doing what she loves to do, involve in horseback riding. The girl’s father, Scott Doss said that her daughter is currently as active as she ever has been. It is extremely difficult to imagine that in the month of June, doctors had diagnosed Roxli with an inoperable cancerous brain tumor. It was called as diffuse intrinsic pontine gliomas.

Dr. Virginia Harrod of the Dell Children’s Medical Centre in Austin said that the case is very rare but on taking a look at it, the conclusion is that, it is quite a devastating disease. In this situation, people will have a decrease in their ability to swallow, they can even encounter loss of vision, and their ability to talk might get decreased, finally giving way to problems even while breathing. Dr. Harrod said that the 11-year-old girl had gone through radiation therapies over weeks, though there is no cure. In the month of August, the girl’s family had organized a benefit for their daughter, which had received a big response from the community. Under those circumstances, her parents, Gena and Scoot Davis could only pray for a miracle to take place, so that their daughter could survive. To their surprise, they actually came across a miracle. Now they praise God for their daughter’s survival and hence cry tears of joy.

Dr. Harrod said that initially after seeing the MRI scan of Roxli, it was hard to believe the state she was in. A tumor usually cannot get detected through the MRI scan and that is quite an unusual thing. Doctors really cannot explain why a tumor disappeared. The family said that they can only thank God for this as the disease had gone from no cure to any trace. At one point in time, nobody knew for how long she would stay healthy but now she is doing absolutely fine. The parents even said that the doctors had cross-checked her scans to confirm the results. As of now, they are keeping a close watch and she will continue to undergo treatment like immunotherapy as a precautionary measure

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