Scientists Say Something Massive May Have Had Hit Uranus

As per a new study, Uranus behaves much differently than the other planets of the solar system. We have been learning about Uranus these days after this study. During the formation of the planets, around four billion years ago, some massive object may have hit Uranus, causing it to tilt in its rotation.

In July, the scientist observed something unusual about the rotation of Uranus. This planet literally spins at a 90-degree angle when compared to the other planets and objects in the Solar System. This unusual rotation was probably caused due to some huge impact of other bodies on the planet, which may have happened a very long time ago. A new study from the UK has said about the collision of something huge. A video has been presented about how this crash may have looked like.

One thing is sure that it takes something really big and a large amount of energy to impact a planet like Uranus. Using the simulations from the physics rules, a researcher named Jacob Kegerreis shows the estimates that the object that collided with Uranus should have been at least the size of Earth.

The collision may surely have taken place a very long time ago, probably when Uranus was in its early developmental stage; the time when the moons of the planets were still taking shape. Due to this, even the moons of Uranus spin in different angles, unlike the other planets.

The most interesting thing to note here is the timeline of the collision. If this research and the models presented by Kegerreis are correct, then this collision took place within a few hours. The crash must have been really disastrous for the planet. The study also says that the object that may have hit the planet was not destroyed completely in the collision. Some scientists believe that the other object may have survived the ordeal and other scientists also believe that there could still be an unseen planet lurking at the edges of this Solar System.

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