Amazon Music Surpasses 55 Million Users Globally, Playing Well to Catch-Up Rivals

Amazon Music Surpasses 55 Million Users Globally, Playing Well to Catch-Up Rivals


Jeff Bezos Amazon Music service succeeding at a higher pace. Even more, it is reaching Apple Music and Spotify at an amazing rate. Amazon has recently announced that its music service has currently exceeded 55 million users. Still, there remains a long journey for the company to catch up with its rival Spotify. A most recent announcement from Spotify reveals it has had over 110 million subscribed users as of September 2019. On the other side, Apple reported a count of more than 60 million customers of its music streaming service. Thus, Amazon is rapidly eating away at that tip. Steve Boom, the VP of Amazon Music, said Amazon does not talk numbers at this point. He added, they believed like reaching this stage of scale remains something valuable to talk about.

Amazon has a global user base of over 55 million customers, which includes its Prime members. It also includes members of other schemes like Amazon Music Unlimited, Free tier, and HD subscribers. The company noted that members of its Amazon Music Unlimited soared by over 50% in 2019. The streaming service has attempted to stand apart from rivals like Apple Music and Spotify. Amazon Music HD, a streaming scheme that comprises high-resolution editions of over 50 million music tracks.

Members subscribed to Amazon Prime have access to over 2 million songs on the music streaming platform. Apart from this, Prime Members can upgrade to the high-resolution scheme for an additional cost of $8 per month. Besides, a regular Amazon Music Unlimited subscription begins at $4 per month, while Amazon Music HD subscriptions cost starting from $13 per month. Above all, people who do not have any of the subscriptions can listen to ad-sponsored Amazon Music. This ad-supported free-music tier enables users to listen to top playlists, including thousands of play stations. Overall, the five tiers have supported Amazon Music to gain such a massive number of subscribers. In the upcoming time, the Jeff Bezos company may lead the sector as it offers more tiers, whereas its rivals provide a maximum of two choices: paid or free.

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