apple reveals new iphone 11, apple tv+ streaming service at us$ 4.99

Apple reveals new iPhone 11, Apple TV+ streaming service at US$ 4.99


Apple Inc. has uncovered the iPhone 11 with the facility to take slow-motion selfies that it said ‘slofies.’ And, it has undercut their streaming competitors Disney and Netflix in pricing for their TV+ service. The FT reporters take the latest expansions. As iPhone 11 appears, Apple looks beyond the smartphone.  Nowadays, Apple will embrace its closely-watched drop product event in Cupertino, such as the tech giant, starts the rollout of new Watches and iPhones.

The main event will be the reveal of Apple’s next generation of iPhones, their flagship device that accounted for approximately half of the net sales in the recent quarter. Apple is projected to introduce advancements for its current high-end Apple iPhones, XS Max, the XS, and the latest form of their lower-priced smartphone. The company services are a fast-growing segment for the company, which includes iTunes and the App Store and will be in the spotlight. The company will launch in 150 countries on September 19, with 100-plus games beginning in the weeks ahead, according to Patrick McGee reports.

Angelo Zino CFRA analyst assumes Apple to announce launch date and pricing for Apple TV+, Apple’s upcoming streaming service. Apple has invested deeply in the project, signing up Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey, and Jennifer Aniston, among others to create innovative shows and movies. The company’s presentation will start at 1 pm EST, or 10 am local time in California. The Apple on the edge of enlightening their iPhone 11 here is some concern that the percentage of customers willing to shell out additional cash could be substantially lower if the company fails to unveil any big technology improvements, conferring to FT’s Patrick McGee. Tech analyst for CCS Insight, Geoff Blaber said though Tuesday’s presentation is static “the iPhone event” the phones have been demoted from the central product to simply “the structure blocks” for Apple’s wider drives.

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