asian market rose up amid of trade deal possibilities between us-china

Asian Market Rose Up Amid Of Trade Deal Possibilities Between US-China


The trade war between the world’s two largest nations, which is witnessed by every investor and ordinary citizen, might soon be coming to an end. Asian market rose up because of the higher possibilities of a trade deal between US-China. The stock market in Asia performed relatively well since Trump released a positive statement about the current geopolitical situation between the two countries. Japan’s Nikkie 225 rose up by more than 1 percent, Australia’s S&P/ASX200 by 0.6% and South Korea’s Kospi by nearly 1.2%. Hong Heng Seng went up by 1.8%, Shanghai Composite, on the other hand, goes up by 0.4%. The situation in China and Hongkong is getting quite tense because of protests from Hong Kong citizens against the Chinese government. Investors were closely watching all of these movements since recently in Hong Kong, pro-democracy candidates won the majority of seats in the election. Market Analysts are saying that the local election result might be affecting many businesses in Hong Kong.

A week earlier, president trump tweeted that the deal between the two largest countries is happening, and it will resolve the issues soon. The US is already ready to put another substantial amount of taxes on Chinese imported goods and services from December 15, but it seems like both countries are trying to resolve this issue quickly. So far, the trade war has led both countries’ economies into a recession, which is affecting significant sectors like manufacturing, tech, real estate, and many others. The market has responded positively to Trump’s latest comments about the possibility of signing a trade deal between the two largest nations. Investors are still skeptical overall; analysts are also not in an optimistic mood when it comes to a trade agreement between US-China. One of the analysts said that trade war issue might not get resolved by the end of this year.

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