burger king to test three new plant-based burgers in 180 locations in the us

Burger King To Test Three New Plant-Based Burgers In 180 Locations In The US


Fast Food chain Burger King has planned to bring three new plant-based burgers in the kids’ menu. Plant-based burgers are the substitutes of meat products. After the plant-based items have increased the sales of the company by 5 percent in the last quarter, the fast-food chain is quite eager to roll out more options in the meatless Burger menu. Burger King is going to test three new impossible-based menu items at 180 locations including Augusta, Cedar Rapids, Milwaukee, Cincinnati, and Buffalo. Impossible Cheeseburger and the Impossible Burger will be available in the Kings Jr. Kids’ meals. Impossible Whopper Jr. will also be part of the new value meal menu. This will be the first time when a fast-food chain will introduce plant-based items on the kids’ menu. These burgers are the products of Impossible Foods Inc.
The prices of Impossible based burgers have been criticized due to its inaccessibility. However, the launch of new plant-based items will increase the accessibility of meatless burgers (Impossible Based Burgers). This initiative will be quite beneficial to Impossible Food Inc, which has sent out its packaged Impossible burgers at the grocery stores for the expansion of its sales in September. Imposssible Food Inc aims at producing plant-based substitutes for meat products. With the new offerings, Burger King will be doubling down the meatless burgers in their stores. The company has also announced the launch of new vegetarian burgers in more than 20 markets across Europe. These Burgers will be available in more than 2400 European locations.
Unlike Burger King, some of his rival fast-food companies like McDonalds and Wendy’s have been reluctant to embrace meat alternative trend. Burger King’s stocks have shot up to 28 percent this year, which has a market value of $31 billion. The Company has introduced these plant-based burgers in 7000 outlets across the United States in August. It has turned out to be the most successful product launch in burger history. Well, this seems to be just a start; there is still a long way to go for Burger King as the competition intensifies in the market.

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