Global MPOS Market Is Poised To Post A Cagr Of 18.80% From 2017 To 2026

The Global MPOS Market is Expected To Reach Value Of Over US$ 26 Bn in 2018, And Is Estimated To Exhibit A 18.80% CAGR During The Forecast Period.

“Global MPOS Market Analysis Trends , Applications, Analysis, Growth, and Forecast to 2028” is a recent report generated by The report includes PEST analysis, Porter’s Five Forces analysis, and opportunity map analysis for in-depth understanding of the market.

Further, the statistical surveying report focuses on the production capacity, product specifications, cost, list of the distributors, comprehensive analysis, and a marketing channel of the import and export of the product. Upstream raw materials, downstream demand analysis as well as the supplier, cost, and consumer list of MPOS industry have been explored systematically; product flow and distribution channel have been presented as well.

Research Methodology: 

Primary research is carried out through Email interactions, telephonic interviews, and one-on-one interviews and discussions to gain a crisp, clear, and accurate understanding of each market, segment, category, and sub-segment across geographies. We have a strong global database comprising participants, experts, and veterans across a range of industries, verticals, sectors, and markets, through whom we validate our data and analysis results. A typical research interview fulfills the following functions:Provides first-hand information and analysis on market trends, size, opportunities, consumer market growth trends, competitive landscape, outlook, etc.

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Secondary Research includes accessing data from a wide range of reliable sources such as information available on the Internet, prevailing or existing results of market research, data available on stock lists, and from consumer databases. It also includes information obtained from various agencies such as government sites and repositories, libraries, industries, and other local bodies. Gathering secondary data and information may be challenging, but assists in obtaining the most information about markets. Secondary market research enables gaining of an initial understanding about the target market.


Worldwide MPOS market assesses growth trends of industry during historical research and quotes prospects dependent on comprehensive research. The report supplies predictions, growth, trends and global MPOS industry share. The industry size concerning revenue (Mn/Bn) is calculated to get MPOS market analysis period together with the particulars of variables influencing industry speed (drivers and restraints).

The report shows current trends and plans adopted by probably many prominent players on the industry. This investigation helps market players that are brand new in addition to the key boost their talk in the worldwide market and to fortify their rankings. The information demonstrated from the global market research report that is aids industry players to stand from the market.

Pricing Details For The Report: Single User- $3,200.00 | Multiple User- $6,400.00 | Corporate Users- $8,000.00

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Leading Players Of MPOS Market Are:

Ingenico Group, Verifone Systems Inc, Fujian Newland Payment Technology Co Ltd, Fujian LANDI Commercial Equipment Co Ltd, Shenzhen Xinguodu Technology Co Ltd, New Pos Technology Ltd., Bitel LLC, Castles Technology Co Ltd, SZZT Electronics Shenzhen Co Ltd, Square Inc, Oracle Corporation, PayPal Holdings Inc, Toshiba Corporation, The Hewlett-Packard Company (HP Inc.), PAX Technology Limited. 

Global MPOS Market segmentation:

Global mPOS Market Segmentation on the basis of application:

Financial Institutions
Third-party Payment Institutions
Global mPOS Market Segmentation on the basis of solution:


Clients may Benefit as:

– Economy MPOS Market Outline

– Global MPOS Market Share by Players

– Supply (Production), Presence, Export, MPOS Market by Region

– Capacity, Generation, Sales (Worth) by Region

– MPOS Market Impact Factors Evaluation

– MPOS Market Economy 2018-2027

– Industrial Chain, Sourcing Strategy and Down-stream Buyers

MPOS Market Table of Content:

1.0 Chapter 1
1.1 Preface
1.2 Assumptions
1.3 Abbreviations
2.0 Chapter 2
2.1 Report Description
2.1.1 Market Definition and Scope
2.2 Executive Summary
2.2.1 Market Snapshot, By Application
2.2.2 Market Snapshot, By Solution
2.2.3 Market Snapshot, By Region
3.0 Chapter 3
3.0.1 Global mPOS Market Dynamics
3.0.2 Drivers (D)
3.0.3 Restraints (R)
3.0.4 Opportunities
3.0.5 Trends
3.0.6 DR Impact Analysis
3.0.7 PEST Analysis
3.0.8 PORTER’S Five Forces Analysis
4.0 Chapter 4
4.0.1 Global mPOS Market Analysis, by Application
4.0.2 Overview
4.0.3 Segment Trends
4.0.4 Market Value (US$ Mn) and Forecast, 2017-2023
4.1 Financial Institutions
4.1.1 Overview
4.1.2 Market Value (US$ Mn) and Forecast, and Y-o-Y Growth, 2017-2023
4.2 Third-party Payment Institutions
4.2.1 Overview
4.2.2 Market Value (US$ Mn) and Forecast, and Y-o-Y Growth, 2017-2023
5.0 Chapter 5
5.0.1 Global mPOS Market Analysis, by Solution
5.0.4 Overview
5.0.5 Segment Trends
5.0.6 Market Value (US$ Mn) and Forecast, 2017-2023
5.1 Hardware
5.1.1 Overview
5.1.2 Market Value (US$ Mn) and Forecast, and Y-o-Y Growth, 2017-2023
5.2 Services
5.2.1 Overview
5.2.2 Market Value (US$ Mn) and Forecast, and Y-o-Y Growth, 2017-2023
6.0 Chapter 6
6.0.1 Global mPOS Market Analysis, by Region
6.0.4 Overview
6.0.5 Regional Trends
6.0.6 Market Value (US$ Mn) and Forecast, 2017-2023
6.1 Global mPOS Market Analysis, by North America
6.1.1 Overview
6.1.2 Country Trends
6.1.3 Market Value (US$ Mn) and Forecast, and Y-o-Y Growth, 2017-2023
6.2 Global mPOS Market Analysis, by Europe
6.2.1 Overview
6.2.2 Country Trends
6.2.3 Market Value (US$ Mn) and Forecast, and Y-o-Y Growth, 2017-2023
6.2.4 Germany Market Value (US$ Mn) and Forecast, 2017-2023
6.2.5 UK Market Value (US$ Mn), Volume (Thousand Units), and Forecast, 2017-2023
6.2.6 France Market Value (US$ Mn) and Forecast, 2017-2023
6.2.7 Russia Market Value (US$ Mn) and Forecast, 2017-2023
6.2.8 Italy Market Value (US$ Mn) and Forecast, 2017-2023
6.2.9 Rest of Europe Market Value (US$ Mn) and Forecast, 2017-2023
6.3 Global mPOS Market Analysis, by Asia Pacific
6.3.1 Overview
6.3.2 Country Trends
6.3.3 Market Value (US$ Mn)and Forecast, and Y-o-Y Growth, 2017-2023
6.4 Global mPOS Market Analysis, by Latin America
6.4.1 Overview
6.4.2 Country Trends
6.4.3 Market Value (US$ Mn) and Forecast, and Y-o-Y Growth, 2017-2023
6.5 Global mPOS Market Analysis, by Middle East & Africa
6.5.1 Overview
6.5.2 Country Trends
6.5.3 Market Value (US$ Mn) and Forecast, and Y-o-Y Growth, 2017-2023
7.0 Chapter 7
7.0.1 Manufacturers List with Product Details
8.0 Chapter 8
8.0.1 Company Profiles
8.1 Ingenico Group
8.1.1 Company Overview
8.1.2 Product Portfolio
8.1.3 Financial Overview
8.1.4 Key Developments
8.2 Verifone Systems, Inc.
8.2.1 Company Overview
8.2.2 Product Portfolio
8.2.3 Financial Overview
8.2.4 Key Developments
8.3 Fujian Newland Payment Technology Co., Ltd.
8.3.1 Company Overview
8.3.2 Product Portfolio
8.3.3 Financial Overview
8.4 Fujian LANDI Commercial Equipment Co., Ltd.
8.4.1 Company Overview
8.4.2 Product Portfolio
8.4.3 Recent Developments
8.5 Shenzhen Xinguodu Technology Co., Ltd.
8.5.1 Company Overview
8.5.2 Product Portfolio
8.5.3 Financial Overview
8.5.4 Recent Developments
8.6 New Pos Technology Ltd.
8.6.1 Company Overview
8.6.2 Product Portfolio
8.6.3 Key Developments
8.7 Bitel LLC
8.7.1 Company Overview
8.7.2 Product Portfolio
8.8 Castles Technology Co., Ltd.
8.8.1 Company Overview
8.8.2 Product Portfolio
8.9 SZZT Electronics Shenzhen Co., Ltd.
8.9.1 Company Overview
8.9.2 Product Portfolio
8.10 Square, Inc.
8.10.1 Company Overview
8.10.2 Product Portfolio
8.10.3 Financial Overview
8.10.4 Key Developments
8.11 Oracle Corporation
8.11.1 Company Overview
8.11.2 Product Portfolio
8.11.3 Financial Overview
8.11.4 Key Developments
8.12 PayPal Holdings, Inc.
8.12.1 Company Overview
8.12.2 Product Portfolio
8.12.3 Financial Overview
8.12.4 Key Developments
8.13 Toshiba Corporation
8.13.1 Company Overview
8.13.2 Product Portfolio
8.13.3 Financial Overview
8.13.4 Key Developments
8.14 The Hewlett-Packard Company (HP Inc.)
8.14.1 Company Overview
8.14.2 Product Portfolio
8.14.3 Financial Overview
8.15 PAX Technology Limited
8.15.1 Company Overview
8.15.2 Product Portfolio
8.15.3 Financial Overview
8.15.4 Key Developments
9.0 Chapter 9
9.0.1 Research Methodology
9.0.2 About Us

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