intake of paracetamol during pregnancy may cause behavioral disease in a child

Intake of paracetamol during pregnancy may cause behavioral disease in a child


Paracetamol is the most general painkiller drug, and it is the only drug that is considered safe to take during pregnancy. However, a growing group of research scientists suggests that paracetamol could damage the development of the infant in the womb, with result linking it with autism, asthma, and infertility. Scientists found a connection between pregnant women using the painkiller and their youngsters having emotional issues and being hyperactive. Paracetamol has been prescribed regularly during all stages of pregnancy to lessen a high temperature and for pain relief. There is no strong confirmation it has any harmful effects on an unborn baby till now.

The scientist’s group from the University of Bristol has examined 14,000 children between ages six months to eleven years old to determine the effect of paracetamol during pregnancy. So the result is surprising for all. The study concludes that previously paracetamol was considered safe but safe may cause behavioral disease among newborns. The disease such as hyperactivity and attention-deficit disorder may be found among those children. The effect is most potent when child is three years old but had diminished when the youngster finishes primary schooling. Moreover, male child is more prone than female child to the possible behavioral effect of paracetamol drug.

As per the study, it is a fresh warning for pregnant women to use as low as possible effective dose of paracetamol for the shortest possible time. In this study women were asked how often they take paracetamol during pregnancy and it was linked to an increasing number of behavioral issues among newborns. It was not possible to link this any dose or frequency of paracetamol. However, this is still not confirmed by the doctor. Therefore, during pregnancy the women feel deep pain. It is strictly warned to avoid habit of frequent use of paracetamol.

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