McDonald's fires it’s franchise owner over racial discrimination video

McDonald’s fires it’s franchise owner over racial discrimination video


Soon after, the video was published of the owner of McDonald’s Mildura and Ilymple franchise in Australia and a companion for making racist comments on neighbors, questioning their nationality, and many offensive things. A video shot by Aboriginal artist Mr. Robby Wirramanda showed that he was beaten by a neighbor in his residence in Mildura. It was later shared on Twitter by one of his family members. The video showed a lady named ‘Karen’ trying to pull down the Aboriginal flag by saying to get the flag down.

Mr. Wirramanda’s voice could be heard in the video recording, saying that the flag was too strong for her. This comment of his appeared on Twitter with the hashtag #toostrongforyouKaren on Sunday. In addition to Karen, the video also shows that Mr. Robert Vigor’s, owner of the McDonald ’s franchises, said, to Robby that one percent of the people in Robby’s community were Indigenous people. To which Wirramanda responded with a question of what, according to Vigor, is a true Aboriginal.

In the video, it can also be seen that Vigor is saying that he respects the artwork made by Wirramanda, adding that he has many good Aboriginal friends who live in northern and northern Queensland. McDonald’s responded to this whole scenario, saying in a statement on Sunday that the company has taken over the operations of the Mildura and Irymple franchises and also dismissed the owner. In an earlier statement, the company also described the whole situation as unacceptable, adding that the company does not reflect such practices. And they believe that McDonald’s is an inclusive workplace for its employees as well as the customers. On Sunday, the woman in Karen’s film told the Australian Daily Australia that she had received death threats after the film was transmitted. The state legislator of Mildura, Ms. Ali Cupper also expressed his views on the issue, she twitted on Twitter that she was concerned about the whole matter, and It was not just anyone who was yelling at the Aboriginal flag, rather two of the privileged, educated and wealthy business leaders.

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