Microsoft is redesigning its Window’s logo and other app icons

Microsoft is redesigning its Window’s logo and other app icons


Microsoft is redesigning its Windows logo and also app icons. Recently the company has revealed its new Microsoft version 2004 with an end to older Windows 1909 version. So the software maker of this company has planned to start a change with new Microsoft Office icons. The company is redesigning more than 100 app icons with the addition of new colors, layout finishes, and materials. The main aim of the company is to reach people in their work environment by giving them good services. Hence we design guidelines that will help to reach within each product family and its use.

This new concept of redesigning the app icon may prove to be a great push to modernize Microsoft’s software and services. New fluent design principles are applied to modernize company software and services. Jon Friedman, Vice President of design and research at Microsoft, said that they faced two challenges while designing a new app icon to meet the familiarity for customers. The company also plans to develop a flexible and open design to make it simple and easy to understand to users. The main aim of the redesign is to bring all the apps in line with the use of the “Fluent Design” philosophy. Microsoft defines this philosophy to be powerful, flexible, and intuitive compared to other devices in line.

The company wants to make each icon simple and easy to understand, unlike the previous icon. It is the fact that Microsoft always comes up with something new to customers to boost its market value and maintain the same place in the consumer electronics market. Some apps are redesign with small changes like new icons with a different color. Some common apps that are likely to change its icon include Outlook, Windows Mail, Paint, and many more. The current Windows logo is simple and flat with a white background and now the new logo is coming with a different shade of blue. For now, the company has not yet revealed the date these new app icons will come across various services and apps for user’s use.

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