Privacy Policy

The Tech News Store is a news website that esteems the isolation of our readers as much as it values its readership. The following document conveys the crucial principals of the privacy policy of The TechSite. Readers are recommended to keep reading this document to learn the current privacy policy and the vital changes that may be done in the span of time.

Collection of Information from Users

The Tech News Store is an interacting website that may gather various forms of data from its readers including other users. However, the type of information being gathered relies on the kind of conversation that the user is interacting in. The data collected can be divided into two sections: Personal information and Non-personal information.

Non-Personal Information

This type of information is not related to a discrete person I anyway. It means that it is common and cannot be used for any track. Some examples include the are to which a user lies, the ISP details and the device that the user is using to browse the website. A note should be taken that this type of information is not inclusive of any kind of names or email addresses. Even so, The Tech News Store assures to keep that information at prime reliable venues.

Personal Information

This type of information is more delicate since an individual can be reached worth it. For the occasion, this type is inclusive of a lot of information such as your email address, physical address, name, and credentials like a password. It may be needed by the website when you are executing operations like placing a comment or subscribing to the email newsletter that we are offering. Powerful safety and retention schemes are followed for protecting this type of data, but it may be given to dignitaries whenever demanded.
As previously stated, The Tech News Store provides the high-scale security for both types of information.

IP Logging

Separating from the aforementioned ways of data gathering, The Tech News Store will be logging the IP addresses of devices that the website is retrieved from. This is used for the statistical purpose, such as knowing the count of visitors and other information measures.

Use of Cookies

The Tech News Store is opposed to the use of web cookies for remote tracking. The Tech News Store does not make use of any cookies for tracing purposes, but the same may be considered to intensify the user’s experience. Although the user can disable the storage of cookies on the device, we suggest not to do it, since it can compromise the user experience.

The Tech News Store holds the complete right to make changes to the Privacy Policy document without any intentional notification to the users.