Ravens have an excellent QB, and a defense to match

Ravens have an excellent QB, and a defense to match


In the 3rd week, the Baltimore Ravens gave up 33 points and 503 yards to the Kansas City Chiefs. The following week, they permitted 530 yards and 40 points to the Cleveland Browns. Unlike the chiefs, the Browns are not efficient to offend. They are averaging 322.1 yards and 16.9 points. During that flare, it looked like the Ravens were not much diverse than the chiefs. They had an MVP level quarterback in Lamar Jackson and a defense that has been an ultimate nightmare for opposing defenses, but the defense looked feckless. On Sunday, a stunning 41-7 win over the first place made it distinct that the Ravens have a serious offense with an MVP candidate at quarterback and a good defense. Before Sunday, there were signs of it.

Though the Patriots are not worthless on offense, the Ravens made life tenacious on the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots. Most of the Ravens’ other competitors have been wrong, and it was hard to get a learn on the Ravens defense. The Ravens crowded against Watson and made their life miserable. The offensive line of Texans is suspect, but that is not a new matter, and in the NFL, Watson has been one of the best quarterbacks. Watson didn’t do anything against Baltimore. The trade of Baltimore with the Rams for cornerback Marcus Peters has made a noticeable difference. Since the deal, Peter is the third-highest selected cornerback in the NFL among those who have played a minimum 150 snaps.

The Ravens have a massive set of corners, including Marlon Humphrey, Peters, and Jimmy Smith. New safety Earl Thomas should finish up someday in the Hall of Fame. Brandon Williams missed the Browns game and pulled the wrath of Thomas, is one of the best run keepers in the NFL. Whatever happened in the games against the Browns and Chiefs, the Ravens have got a top-end defense. If the defense is continued to play at a high level, the Ravens have the balance between winning a super bowl.

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