researchers are optimistic about ongoing trials of hiv vaccine, might launch it by 2021

Researchers Are Optimistic About Ongoing Trials Of HIV Vaccine, Might Launch It by 2021


Scientists are quite hopeful regarding the three ongoing HIV vaccine trials across the globe. It is expected to make crucial advances as the trials begin to enter the final stage of the experiment at different locations across the world. Three ongoing HIV trials are known as HVTN 702, Imbokodo, and Mosaico. Experts have said that the progress in the trials suggests that the HIV drug may come out in 2021. All three vaccines are being tested under efficacy trials. As per the experts, the vaccines need to be promising enough in the early stages to be promoted to efficacy trials. HVTN 702 is the oldest vaccine trial out of all three trials.

HVTN 702 is inspired by a prior vaccine candidate RV144. It was said to be effective but not efficient enough. As per the findings of the clinical trial of RV144, it had decreased the risk of HIV infection by 30 percent in 2009. It is the only vaccine, which has shown great efficiency against HIV. HVTN 702 was launched back in 2006 in South Africa. It is the first approved HIV vaccine trial after the debacle of RV144. The modified drug is expected to provide more sustained protection against HIV than the RV144 treatment. It has been adapted by the HIV subtype as well, which is prevalent in South Africa. Although RV144 opened the doors for HIV vaccine researchers, but it was not sustainable enough for global distribution.

Scientists have claimed that even a partially effective vaccine can bring a significant change in the global fight against the HIV pandemic. HVTN 702 has completed its enrollment this year. The findings of its clinical trial are expected to come by late 2020 or early 2021. The second trial of Imbokodo started two years ago in five South African countries. Heterosexual women are highly prone to HIV infection in South African nations.  This year, the trial of Imbokodo has finished 2600 enrollment of women. Experts have said that Mosaic immunogens in the vaccine generate immune responses against a variety of HIV strains. Imbokodo and Mosaico are indistinguishable vaccines, which include six injection shots. The two drugs have slightly different formulation towards the final two clinic visits.

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