Verizon Fios Subscribers Are Facing Channel Blackouts

Customers across the country who have subscribed to Verizon Fios are now facing a really tough time right now. According to the latest reports, several channels on the network are not available for viewing, as the communication-industry giant was not able to deal with the negotiations with Tegna. It comes at the worst times, since the NFL playoffs are to start soon.

The blackout from Verizon has affected some of the key channels in the network. WUSA, the CBS station in the nation’s capital; WVEC, the local ABC station in Norfolk; and WGRZ, Buffalo’s NBC station are some of the channels that are not available in the Verizon Fios network as of now. It is clear that more than 1 million subscribers of Fios are affected by the aforesaid outage.

The number 1 million is according to the estimate released by the American Television Alliance and the actual number may vary drastically. It has surely been one of the serious issues faced by the TV network by Verizon in the recent past. The whole problem was caused because Verizon was not able to reach an agreement with Tegna regarding the set of actions to be taken.

There is no update from Tegna or Verizon regarding when such an agreement would be reached or when a bunch of the key channels would be back on the network. Simultaneously, however, Verizon was dealing a dispute that could have removed channels like ESPN and ABC from the network, but the same went through quite successfully.

Even as the blackout is happening, Tegna and Verizon are continuing the discussion. The discussions stalled because
Tegna was demanding a higher rate for the channels, according to what the Verizon official website says. Interrupted service is one of the worst things that can happen to a TV network and the number of such blackouts were quite high in 2018.

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