Why did Tim Cook Avoid Mass Sales of the MacBook Pro?

Why did Tim Cook Avoid Mass Sales of the MacBook Pro?


After the October 2018 launch event for the new MacBook Air, Mac Mini, and iPad Pro models, many hope Mr. Tim Cook will hold the October event. This could magnify the release of the iPhone 11, making the iPad a springboard for the holiday gift purchase period and making the 16-inch MacBook Pro the largest shielded MacOS laptop launched in the past seven years. But nothing happened, Apple refused to advance its hardware and instead focused on the launch of the Apple TV. One of the many services that Apple management sees as the company’s future. Without having to strengthen the iPhone 11, Apple eliminated the seventh-generation iPad in late September. The MacBook Pro lost a lot of momentum in the mainstream media.

Apple has not pushed the MacBook Pro to professional media. Although many journalists have been invited to New York to preview laptops under the embargo, Apple’s efforts in the seed review department have been cold. It is worth noting that many major Apple-centric websites were not invited to the press conference or to review new MacOS-based machines. Mr. Tim Cook’s Apple Corps paid as much as possible to get the quietest release while launching the product.

In the end, the 16-inch MacBook Pro made many design changes to complete the Mac laptop platform. To highlight the key areas, we need to move the keyboard from the Shambolic butterfly switch design back to the scissors switch style — redesigned thermal environment to reduce performance. Larger displays and fewer bezels, as well as new audio solutions, deliver more precise sound. Through events, significant news events, or retail princes’ problems selling 16-inch MacBook Pros will mean promoting new features for laptops and why they are worth it. A glance at the rest of the MacBook series-you wants to look for a more significant number of devices before Christmas-these flaws still exist. Apple is entering its biggest quarter of the year in commercial sales, doing its best to circumvent these issues, while still releasing larger laptops for sale before Christmas.

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